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Kommana Puja
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Using Revit 2023, the user can design electrical and mechanical systems in all stages of the workflow; ranging from conceptual design and analysis to designing and documenting design deliverables, as well as improvements to support detailed construction design.

There are a number of strategic areas that have been addressed with these improvements, such as using analytics to generate design and utilizing models as deliverables for the construction phase.

The documents address quality of life issues for BIM practitioners, which were several of the top ideas that received the most votes on the Revit Idea Station as well.

All new features of Revit 2023

An innovative approach to electrical preliminary design using an analytical workflow

Within Revit’s new power distribution functionality, electrical engineers are now able to define information pertinent to power distribution at an early stage of the design process.

It has been found that this new workflow provides a way for Revit to be able to handle the key electrical loads and distribution information without having to physically model any parts of it, unlike traditional workflows in which engineers manage information in multiple places — preliminary one-line drawings, spreadsheets, DWGs, and often PDFs.

Before creating the model, loads and distribution system elements can now be conceptually defined and connected.

With this new workflow, electrical power distribution design workflows can be initiated from a BIM centric perspective, with a vision to connect those workflows to downstream workflows in the future.

Improvements and Innovation in Energy Analytical Model

The new version has made a number of foundational improvements to Revit’s Energy Analytical Model while Next Gen Insight is still in development, and as the need for measuring and reducing Building Energy Use and Carbon Emissions is only growing, we are making a number of improvements to Next Gen Insight.

As a result, these improvements will be beneficial to Insight for early phase / big picture analysis of energy, Systems Analysis for detailed sizing and simulations, and GBXML export for 3rd party analysis tools.

In addition to the emphasis on Accuracy, Precision, and Performance, we also took the opportunity to refactor several key components that were originally written many years ago in order to start this process.

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